“Eat, Pray, Blog”

Welcome to my blog!

I’m Marisa Barnard–jack of all trades, master of some. Part time philosopher, full time adventurer. Avid wine drinker and professional iPhone 6 photographer. Born in Florida, raised in Connecticut.  I attended Connecticut College and graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and minor in Dance. Shortly after graduating college, I moved to Manhattan to pursue a career in modeling. My interests include health and wellness, the arts, cooking, and exploring NYC.

On this blog, I will feature all that New York has to offer: museums, food, drinks, art & street art, events, fashion, attractions, performances, etc. I love the City of New York for its endless abundance of virtually everything! In a very short time, this city has challenged me to new heights, enhanced my being, and allowed me to continue to grow in a number of ways. Follow my shenanigans as I continue on my journey and take on the big apple one bite at a time.

Contact info:

Email: marisa.m.barnard@gmail.com

Instagram: @marisa_barnard

Twitter: @marbar1211



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