Cindy Crawford @ AOL Build

Before Gigi, Kendall, Cara, and Karlie took the modeling world by storm, there was the iconic and legendary supermodel Cindy Crawford who graced international runway shows, magazines, and T.V. in the 90’s.  A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend Cindy’s AOL Build interview, where she spoke about her new book Becoming, which is dedicated to her husband and two children.  Cindy, ever so beautiful, timeless, and just shy of turning 50 years old, reflected on her remarkable career in the fashion industry and the universal lifelong lessons she learned along her journey of becoming Cindy Crawford.

Her book highlights the pivotal moments in her modeling career (i.e. Vogue, Playboy, MTV, and that iconic Pepsi ad), while also touching on some of her favorite shoots, unpublished works, personal life, insecurities, including her trademark mole, adventures, and becoming a wife and mother.  The glossy photos capture Cindy in some of her most imaginative poses and shoots. As you turn the pages, you can watch her evolve as each photo brings into focus the evolution of her beauty, poise and style. Nowadays, Cindy’s life features both a beauty line and a furniture line, and she still makes time for her career and other passions. She is married to Rande Gerber and is a full-time mother of two, Presley and Kaia (Cindy’s “mini me” who is just beginning to explore modeling). Cindy’s career has spanned over two decades, and I for one will definitely be waiting to see what she will “become” next.

Check out her AOL Build Interview here!

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