Let’s Get REAL ft. Real Underwear

“Your soul is always going to whisper your truth back to you. Your soul wants what is best for you. And if you try to silence its voice, eventually the whisper will become a roar.”

I randomly came across this quote on Instagram one day, and it really struck a cord with me.  Let’s get real–the truth always comes out in some shape or form. We all have internal struggles, perhaps some that we deal with on a daily basis, and especially when our moral compass is involved.  I have a pretty strong moral compass, and whenever I go against my grain, or even think about going against it, I’m left with inner turmoil that destroys my morale and clarity.

When you try to suppress a thought or emotion, it can certainly work for a while, but eventually it will be revealed. I’ve always been one to bottle up my emotions, but eventually (well, fairly quickly, to be honest), the glass shatters, and I’m left with a mess of unsorted thoughts and emotions that I attempted to resist and blatantly ignored for some time.

Resistance is a concept that I think about a lot. Typically out of fear, many of us tend to resist what can be good for us. It can be as basic as resisting eating vegetables, although you know that incorporating more vegetables into your diet will be better for your health.

 For the past few months, I have been analyzing my life and thinking about where I am resisting most. If you’re resisting something that you know deep down is good for you, you’re resisting it out of fear. It might sound crazy, but self-sabotage is a real thing. It’s something that I’ve personally struggled with for years across all aspects of my life. The concept of self-sabotage deserves a post or two on it’s own, but at the root the self-sabotage is the idea that we do not believe we are worthy or good enough to some degree.

So, I’ve been trying to acknowledge what exactly I’m resisting and then surrender to my resistance. History tends to repeat itself until the lesson is learned. The Universe will keep throwing you something until you’ve dealt with it completely. You might be resisting many things in your life, but the root of the problem may all be the same. Show up for what the Universe throws at you, and you will be rewarded with closure, peace, happiness, and clarity.   

Everyone has intuition; some of us are just more in tune with it than others. I consider my intuition to be my superpower of sorts. Your intuition will never lead you astray, you just have to be wise enough to recognize its voice and then choose to listen.


I had the opportunity to partner up with Real Underwear, an innovative lingerie brand that specializes in seamless bras and panties.  Talk about REAL maximum comfort and fit!  I don’t think I’ve ever felt so comfortable chilling in my bra and panties before.  I love how sleek all the designs are and the fabric is incredibly soft.  And because they’re seamless, my clothes fit better and look amazing. You will want these seamless bras and panties to wear under all of your chic summer tops, rompers and shorts. Your outfits will look super smooth without any panty and bra lines. Now that I’ve felt the true comfort of a wire-free bra, I think wire-free bras are definitely the only way to go.  Not to mention, Real Underwear’s bodysuits and camis are also super attractive and chic.  You can shop my bra here and matching panties here.  These undergarments are definitely staple items you’ll want to add to your lingerie collection–I’m thinking of getting them in all three colors myself!

Xx, Marisa

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