Triple Microdermabrasion by Exuviance

Hi friends! I recently had the opportunity to try the Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish by Exuviance.  I have been desperately in need of an exfoliator, and I was so happy to get my hands on this product, review it for free, and share my experience with you all!

First off, I have extremely sensitive skin.  Fun fact: I’m allergic to all perfumes and products that contain perfume, including all face and body products, laundry detergents, shampoos, conditioners, etc.  I’ve been living in this hypoallergenic bubble for some time now, but it still creates challenges on a day-to-day basis.  My skin is also very sensitive to touch; I have to be extremely gentle washing or putting any product on my face, and I am also sensitive to certain foods (i.e. anything with dairy) that tend to make me break out if I eat too much of them.

So, when trying new products, I have to be very, very careful for a myriad of reasons.   I have read numerous articles about the benefits of exfoliation, and I have been told by estheticians that I need to exfoliate 1-2x per week in order to get rid of dead skin cells and rejuvenate my skin.

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I came across this opportunity to review the Triple Microdermabrasion product for free, and I knew I had to take advantage of  it!  I am a huge fan of Microdermabrasion facials.  I have gotten a series of these facials done in the past, and they are super helpful for deeply cleansing your pores and evening out discoloration and scaring.  The microderm facial takes off a layer of your skin, leaving it feeling smooth, soft, and rejuvenated.  It allows the skin to heal from damage, which is why it is great for acne scars, age spots, sun damage, and stretch marks. A microdermabrasion facial at a dermatologist or spa is pricey and if you’re like me, it’s not something that I can afford to do on a consistent basis.

For that reason, I was thrilled to test the Triple Microdermabrasion by Exuviance product.  The exfoliating treatment in this face polish clarifies and refines the texture of your skin immediately.  This dermatologist developed, anti-aging solution offers a triple action approach to skin renewal in one, powerful treatment.  With just one application of this intense exfoliating treatment, your skin will begin to instantly resurface.

This product contains a unique blend of physical, chemical, and enzyme rejuvinators.  The professional grade crystals used by dermatologists smooth the skin while the Papaya Enzyme and Glycolic Acid help dissolve impurities and decongest pores.  It loosens dead skin cells and dull and dry patches.  The skin cells begin to renew themselves, leaving your skin with a polished glow and softness.

A couple of nights ago, I tried this product with my mom.  Directions say to apply a thin, even layer to a clean, wet face.  Lightly massage in a circular motion for 30 seconds, avoiding the eyes, lips, and mucus membranes.  Definitely do not scrub!  Scrubbing is always bad for the face.  Leave on to 1 -2 minutes, 1 minute if your skin is sensitive.  Gently rinse thoroughly and pat your face dry.  You should follow with a moisturizer and your skin will immediately soak in the nourishment.

The product felt very lightweight as we applied it to our faces and neck area.  I was expecting more texture in the serum, considering Microdermabrasion incorporates sand-like and/or small beads in order to exfoliate one’s skin.  The beads were not very large, so I knew it wouldn’t damage my skin in any way.  It smelled a bit fruity and felt refreshing—must be the papaya, and was not too gritty.

We gently applied the product and massaged our skin in a circular motion for about 30 seconds as directed.  We both have sensitive skin, so our plan was to only leave it on for a minute or so.  After about 30 seconds, we both felt a tingly sensation and decided to wash it off.  We could immediately feel how smooth our skin was to the touch!  We both commented on how clean and silky our skin felt!  This product is very gentle and we did not experience any redness or blotchiness.  Just smooth, healthy-looking skin!

Now, two days after use, our skin still feels soft and smooth.  I think I found a product that will fit perfectly in my regimen!  With consistent exfoliation, once or twice a week, your skin will be clearer, brighter with a reduced appearance of pores and dark spots. Regular use helps increase the performance of your cosmetic treatment products as well since exfoliated skin quickly nourishes and soaks in all of the benefits from your moisturizers and serums.  Triple Microdermabrasion by Exuviance is a must have product to keep your skin looking and feeling clear, smooth and glowing!  Don’t hesitate!  Add this wonderful product to your skin regimen today and experience radiant, healthy skin!

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This best seller retails at $72! Click here to purchase yours 🙂

Xx Marisa

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