Styled by Trendage- Your New Fave Fashion App

Hey friends! I recently tried out this new app and had to share with you all!  “Styled” by Trendage is a new fashion and hairstyle app that lets you virtually try on hairstyles and outfits! You can create a whole look with real and current clothes from trendy stores and brands including Bloomingdale’s, Rent the Runway, and Topshop!

Through this app, you’re able to see the latest dresses and hairstyles and instantly try them on without having to go to a salon or store. Ever question if a certain hairstyle would be a fit for you? Well, take a selfie and try it on Styled!

The app was super fun to play around with. It briefly took me back to my trying-to-be-a-Disney-Princess days and playing dress up. It’s almost like having access to Cher’s closet from the movie Clueless! I like that I can easily preview clothes on myself and create different looks all with the touch of a finger.  Although it’s a bit difficult to take a good selfie (and make sure you do), it’s really fun to play dress up with current fashions and hairstyles.  Simply put: I learned that I should never go blonde!

I really enjoyed trying out “Styled,” and I hope you do too! You can download the iOS app here or learn more here!

Xx Marisa

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