Rooftop (Re)Views No.1 Loopy Doopy

Prosecco and ice pops anyone? Loopy Doopy rooftop bar located in Battery Park at the Conrad Hotel is best known for their unique cocktails consisting of Prosecco and ice pops (People’s Pops–which are mouth-watering and delicious!). Prosecco is poured and the ice pop is dipped into the wine glass.  Once the pop is dissolved, it creates a tasty, fruity cocktail.  The juicy ice pop flavors vary monthly, but popular flavors include Blueberry Peach, Strawberry Lemongrass, and Empire Apple–all equally delicious.  They also serve other specialty cocktails and small plates if the prosecco & pops aren’t to your liking.


This rooftop bar is indeed a bit of a tourist trap, but a good experience overall and a check off the bucket list for any foodie or New Yorker (do it for the Instagram).  For me, these cocktails are an enjoyable summer treat and a very cool concept, especially because I love Prosecco or champagne combined with anything fruity.  Heads up: these are overpriced (about $22 for one drink pop), but why not indulge even if it’s just one!  The rooftop itself is a small space, so it can feel cramped, but the views are beautiful, as this rooftop overlooks the Hudson River and Statue of Liberty.  Very cool way to beat the heat, relax and take in the scenery!


Price: $$