About Me


I’m Marisa Barnard–jack of all trades, master of some. Part time philosopher, full time adventurer.  Avid wine drinker and professional iPhone 7 photographer.  Born in Florida, raised in Connecticut.  I attended Connecticut College and graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and minor in Dance. Shortly after graduating college, I moved to Manhattan to pursue a career in modeling. My interests include health and wellness, the arts, cooking, and exploring NYC.

My blog is unique in that it merges fashion, graffiti art, and the streetscapes and iconic landmarks of NYC, along with spiritual and motivational quotes and posts to inspire my followers.  I love the City of New York for its endless abundance of virtually everything! In a very short time, this city has challenged me to new heights, enhanced my being, and allowed me to continue to grow in a number of ways. Follow my shenanigans as I continue on my journey and take on the big apple one bite at a time.

Photo by Josh Lobel Photography (@jlobelphoto)

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